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Computer diagnostics of sight
Selection of glasses
Myopia, hypermetria
Treatment of retinal diseases
Treatment of diabetic retinopathy
Treatment of computer syndrome
Treatment of strabismus and amblyopia
Treatment of conjunctivitises
Pediatric Ophthalmology
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Ophthalmologic center

Ophthalmologic center Laser Vision was founded in 2004 for rendering professional ophthalmologic assistance and high quality services to Ukrainian citizens and foreigners. The Center inherited Porcelian’s philosophy of combining traditional Swiss quality and professionalism of the Ukrainian specialists: we practice professional and individual approach to each patient and always guarantee the highest quality of services.

Presently, Laser Vision team consists of 14 professionals: 5 doctors, 2 optometrists, 2 receptionists and 5 administrators.

The Center specializes in diagnostics and treatment of ophthalmologic diseases. State-of-the-art diagnostic equipment allows for complex diagnostics, while highly qualified doctors consult patients and, if necessary, prescribe medicinal, laser, or surgical treatment. The center mainly focuses on treatment of retinal diseases and pediatric ophthalmology.

The following special programs were developed by the Center and are now offered to the patients:

Colorful World of Childhood – diagnostic-therapeutic program for children over two;

Protect the Vision in Diabetes - diagnostic-therapeutic program for diabetics;

For Future Mothers – prophylactic check-ups of pregnant women;

Prophylactic check-ups of drivers (vision acuity, peripheral vision, color perception);

Laser biostimulation of the eyes (helps to treat discomfort and tired eyes after long-term eye straining, e.g. computer syndrome).

Our Patient Data Base has more than 10000 entries. We cooperate with 39 insurance companies, both Ukrainian and international.