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Computer diagnostics of sight
Selection of glasses
Myopia, hypermetria
Treatment of retinal diseases
Treatment of diabetic retinopathy
Treatment of computer syndrome
Treatment of strabismus and amblyopia
Treatment of conjunctivitises
Pediatric Ophthalmology
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Partner Programs

In for three years of its active development, Laser Vision developed partnership with many insurance companies:

• Alfa Assistance
• INGO Ukraine
• PIONEER Assistance
• Garant Assistance
• CORIS Ukraine
• SOS Service Ukraine

• LIC Assistance
• Medical Company UMC
• Vsesvit-Assistance
• Euro-Assistance
• Inter-Assistance
• Strakhovi Tradytsii
• Universalna
• Ukrainian Insurance Group
• Persha Insurance Company
• Insurance Group “TAC”
• Alfa-Garant
• Veksel
• Allianz
• Ukrainian Assistance Service
• Knyazha

Besides, we cooperate with the following medical centers and clinics in the city:

• Clinic “Isida-IVF”

• Medical Center “Savon”
• Clinic “Medicom”
• Clinic “Health Life”
• American medical centers

Diplomatic missions of USA, France, Egypt and Italy rely on us when medical assistance is needed for their employees.

We appreciate our cooperation and are confident that together with our partners we will be able to provide the highest quality assistance to our patients.

We always welcome new contacts and dynamic relations with the partners allowing for advancement of our medical and administrative services.

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