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Selection of glasses

It is common knowledge, than 90% of the information about the environment is perceived visually, therefore good vision is a wonderful gift. But what is there for the people who for some reason suffer from short- or far-sightedness? Since there is no cure for these problems, vision correction is the only way out, and it can be surgical, contact, or with the glasses.

Glasses are the most safe and comfortable way of vision correction. Unfortunately, many people are inclined to think that wearing glasses is shameful, or even harmful for the eyes.

Sometimes untimely putting on the glasses can result in sustainable deterioration of the vision.

When you put the glasses on, the rays of light carrying information are focused on the retina in the proper way, and vision acuity improves.

Choosing the right glasses is a complicated task, a laborious manipulation requiring high degree of professionalism. In order to do this, it is sometimes necessary to dilate the pupil, which is seldom done in regular optics.

Highly professional Laser Vision ophthalmologists will offer you the glasses of any kind and for any purpose (reading, computer, wearing all the time). Besides, we offer a wide selection of modern frames, and you will also be able to order glasses.


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