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Treatment of strabismus and amblyopia

Strabismus  is not a rare case in a daily work of many ophthalmologists. Strabismus is periodic or constant deviation of the visual axis of one of the eyes from the general point of fixation and deterioration of binocular vision.

Most often, strabismus develops in people with hypermetria and astigmatism, more seldom – in congenital or childhood myopia. This is not just a cosmetic defect, but a complex functional deficit manifested by marked deterioration of vision acuity in the squinted eye. Depending on the direction of eye deviation from the visual axis, strabismus can be convergent, divergent, and vertical.

The main goal of strabismus treatment is normalization of the eye position, binocular and stereoscopic vision.

Center Laser Vision offers different type-specific methods of strabismus treatment:

Accommodation strabismus is corrected with glasses. The child is prescribed correcting glasses to be worn all the time. Such glasses fully eliminated this defect.

Non-accommodation strabismus is very poorly correctable with the glasses. In these cases, doctors often prescribe occlusion (covering healthy eye) and complex instrumental treatment aimed at treating amblyopia with further surgical intervention.

Amblyopia or “lazy eye”  is ophthalmologic condition when one of the eyes is not fully operational. Amblyopia is reversible decrease of vision acuity. It develops in people with short- and far-sightedness, astigmatism, cataract etc.

Amblyopia treatment is very important, because its efficacy determines the result of surgical treatment for strabismus.

Instrumental Treatment:

1. Laser Stimulation  – effect of the low intensity ray of light on the eye structures.  Results in improving microcirculation, metabolism, and trophicity of the eye tissues, as well as activation of local immunity.  Relaxation of spastic ciliary muscle is achieved.

2. Program “Flower”  - is the computer program used for treatment of mild and moderate amblyopia, but its first stage can be used for treatment of advanced amblyopic.  Applied from the age of 4-5.

3. Program “Ouch”  - is used for diagnostics and treatment of amblyopia and strabismus, renewal and development of binocular vision.

4. Program “Cross”  - is a game stimulator for amblyopia treatment.  Applied from the age of 4. 

5. Program “Chibis”  - is used for diagnostics of binocular stereovision and functional treatment of binocular problems.

6. Program “Small Spider”  - is used for amblyopia treatment.

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