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Treatment of computer syndrome

Are You Familiar With the Situation?

You work with the computer all day long and in the middle of the day you start feeling that your eyes are tried and your vision is not as sharp as in the morning. You disregard the problem because you know that the treatment is time-consuming and you will have to find the time for it during the working day.

Our equipment and doctors’ experience allow for treatment of not only severe eye problems, but also those bothering healthy people, e.g.:  computer syndrome manifested by tiredness of the eyes while working with the computer that might reduce workability.

This condition is caused by accommodation spasm developing after any long-term eye straining: work with the computer, constant reading, schoolwork, high-precision work (embroidery, jeweler and clockmaker work) etc.

Diagnostics and treatment of this functional problem is not time-consuming: complex examination is followed by a painless procedure –  laser stimulation allowing for curing the unpleasant symptoms after 5 ten-minute sessions that can be scheduled in the convenient time.

This method is based on the effect of the low intensity ray of light on eye structures. This treatment results in improved microcirculation, metabolism and trophicity of the ocular tissues, activation of local immunity, and relaxation of the ciliary muscle.

Laser stimulation is contraindicated for patients with acute inflammatory diseases and retinal diseases.

Course of treatment includes 5 ten-minute sessions and lasts 2 weeks (once every 1-2 days).

After the end of the course, the doctor controls vision acuity in order to evaluate the results of the treatment.

Laser stimulation course can be supplemented by RELAX program – computer program used for treatment of accommodation spasm. One session lasts for approximately seven minutes. There no contraindications.


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