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Treatment of conjunctivitises

“You have red, tired and teary eyes? – Use Visin!” – you saw this TV commercial many times, didn’t you? However, this symptoms can be caused by infectious or allergic inflammation of the conjunctiva – mucous layer of the eye lining the external part of the eyeball and internal surface of the eyelids.

In the above cases, really effective treatment can only be prescribed by the professional ophthalmologist after examination of the anterior segment of the eyeball. Sometimes even laboratory tests might be needed in order to prescribe the medication that will be effective in your case.

Anterior segment of the eye includes, inter alia, cornea. “Cherish like the apple of the eye” is what people say about it. Cornea is very sensitive to environmental factors, therefore there are many symptoms of corneal disorders: photophobism, reddening, pain, tears etc. Untimely or wrong treatment of corneal diseases can lead to serious complications.

Highly qualified professionals of Laser Vision will check your eyes and prescribe individual threatening.

If you are experiencing symptoms of the inflammatory diseases of the anterior segment of the eye, do not try to treat them yourself, because this will complicate the doctor’s work and make the recovery period longer.

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