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Pediatric Ophthalmology

Your child is the most wonderful and the best, and you are the most caring parents, so let us remind you that your child’s vision requires special attention. Maybe you don’t even imagine how your child sees… and the baby is too small to explain you.

Good vision is important not only for good quality of life, but also for harmonious development of the child, and it also makes one of the elements of this child’s future social status. Children’s ophthalmologic diseases are peculiar, because many of them are not noticed by the parents and are detected only during prophylactic check-ups.

Your child grows, learns to paint, distinguish colors, memorize letters, and is getting ready for school… However, during this very important periods eye straining at school and school schedule can seriously affect the child’s vision, that is why the children (especially at the age of 3 and 6) are recommended extensive eye check-up with fundoscopy. Besides, childhood is the period when prevention and control of possible complications is the easiest.

Unlike in adults, children’s vision is constantly developing, therefore treatment of children’s ophthalmologic diseases should be complex and designed individually for each small patient with regard to peculiarities of the child’s eyes. Regular follow-ups are very important, because they allow for correction of the treatment protocol if needed.

Laser Vision is pleased to offer our small patients a specially designed program “Colorful World of Childhood” including:

- modern computer diagnostics and consultations by highly qualified pediatric ophthalmologists;

- individual program of treatment and follow-up of children with different ophthalmologic diseases;

- program of prophylactic check-ups for children of different age groups beginning from 2 years old;

- effective treatment of deteriorated vision (laser stimulation, computer programs of amblyopia treatment);

- treatment of strabismus and amblyopia;

- designing of the individual rational vision regime, diet and teaching eye gymnastics.

Besides, in our Center you will be able to find a modern frame and order high quality glasses for your child.

Highly qualified staff of the Center will create the atmosphere of coziness and comfort for you and your child and will turn the “boring” diagnostic manipulations into a captivating game…


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