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Treatment of myopia, hypermetria, astigmatism

Good vision is a wonderful gift allowing us to see the world, but unfortunately not everyone’s vision is 100%. Problems are caused by anomalous refraction – myopia, hypermetria, and astigmatism.

Myopia (short-sightedness) is caused by pathological enlargement of the anterioposterial axis of the eye. In myopia, rays of light are focused in front of the retina (they should focus on the retina – emetropia). Myopia is caused by long-term eye straining (especially in people spending long hours in front of the computer), non-observance of work-rest periods, anatomical peculiarities of the eye, heredity, stress, insufficient amount of substances needed for proper operation of the eye.

Short-sighted people need periodical check-ups by ophthalmologist for defining the causes of myopia and necessary treatment preventing its progression.

The principal methods of preventive treatment for myopia are as follows:

- conservative

- instrumental

- laser biostimulation (mild and moderate)

- correction with glasses and contact lenses.

In hypermetria (far-sightedeness), anterioposterior axis of the eye is smaller than normal, thus the rays are focused behind the retina. Most often, hypermetria is congenital.

The principal methods of preventive treatment for hypermetria are as follows:

- instrumental treatment

- laser biostimulation

- correction with glasses and contact lenses.

In astigmatism, when cornea or lens is not ideally spherical, the image on the retina is blurred. Astigmatism too is most often congenital.

The principal methods of preventive treatment for astigmatism are as follows:

- laser biostimulation

- correction with glasses.

Laser Vision offers complex ophthalmologic examination and consultations by highly professional ophthalmologists who will prescribe diagnosis-specific preventive treatment.

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